Scientific activities

Global Core Biodata Resources

A major scientific activity of the GBC has been the identification of a set of Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBRs). The Core Data Resources concept was developed by ELIXIR to identify in Europe a set of data resources that are fundamental to the entire life science data infrastructure. The GCBRs extend this concept to the entire world, identifying for funders a set of resources that are critically important for biomedical and life science research worldwide, and encouraging funders to ensure their long-term sustainability. Protection of GCBRs benefits the entire life science data infrastructure, just as protection of key species in an ecosystem benefits the entire ecosystem. For further information see the GCBR page.

Global Inventory of Biodata Resources

There are thousands of publicly available biodata resources that form a linked, distributed infrastructure, but this infrastructure is not well described. The GBC is undertaking a survey of the global biodata resource landscape. This will give a first ever worldwide overview of biodata resources, providing a basis upon which the GBC can work with funders to coordinate support for biodata resources and for the entire infrastructure.