About GBC Membership

The Global Biodata Coalition is a membership organisation bringing together public and charitable research funders from around the world. Its governance and operations are set out in a A Letter of Understanding.

GBC members are funders of biodata resources who have signed the Letter of Understanding and agree to make an annual financial contribution, or provide in-kind support, to the Secretariat. Currently there are 11 members, listed on the members page.

The strategic direction of the GBC is set by our Board of Funders, comprising representatives of the members. Our Executive Director, Guy Cochrane, leads our small secretariat in implementing strategy and developing our scientific programme.

The GBC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) provides advice to the GBC Board of Funders and the GBC Executive Director on all aspects of the development and implementation of the GBC’s scientific activities, and on the broader international life science and biomedical science research landscape.

The GBC is a virtual organisation and we are working to become a legal entity. Our funds are managed by the Human Frontier Science Program Organization.

GBC Structure

Global Biodata Coalition Structure