What we do

Scientific Programme

The GBC has an active scientific programme that is being delivered with the support of our member funders, the leaders of the global core biodata resources, and the research community. The programme provides an in-depth understanding of the global biodata resource infrastructure and describes a path towards more internationally coordinated, sustainable, and streamlined mechanisms to support the biodata ecosystem.

Our progress to date includes the completion of a first selection round for Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBRs) and the publication of a pre-print of an inventory of global data resources that supports our understanding of the global data ecosystem and its components. The representatives of the GCBRs are now part of the GCBR Forum that will progress the work of developing sustainability models. These scientific endeavours are collectively underpinned by the output of the Board working groups on open data strategies and sustainability.

Our aims

To be a forum for funders of biodata resources to better coordinate and share approaches for efficient management and growth of this infrastructure and share strategies.

To stabilize and ensure sustainable financial support for the global biodata infrastructure, with a focus on an identified and prioritized set of Global Core Biodata Resources that are crucial for sustaining the broader ecosystem.

Our mission

To safeguard the world’s open life science, biological and biomedical reference data in perpetuity.

Our vision

The GBC envisions a world in which biodata resources, essential to science, are freely and openly available to all, with long-term access assured through sustainable funding models and supported by the tools and services offered by Global Biodata Core Resources (GBCRs).

We look ahead to global inclusivity, whereby scientists in all countries and regions have the opportunity to benefit from, and contribute to, secure and sustained biodata resources enabled through the alignment and committed support of a breadth and diversity of the world’s life science funders.

Our values

The inherent values of open science and open data underpin the operational plan of the Global Biodata Coalition as it works to ensure free and equitable access to life science, biological and biomedical data for all citizens of the world in perpetuity.