Global Biodata Coalition announces outcome of 2023 Global Core Biodata Resource selection process

Dec 11, 2023

The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC) is pleased to announce the outcome of its 2023 selection round for Global Core Biodata Resources (GCBRs). This selection round adds a further 15 biodata resources, increasing to 52 the total number of GCBRs.

Through its GCBR designation, the GBC seeks to draw the attention of life science funders to the most critical of the global set of biodata resources and to better understand the challenges and needs for biodata resource long-term sustainability. The GCBRs are deposition databases and knowledgebases of fundamental importance to the global life sciences and biomedical research communities, providing open access and long-term preservation of key biological data. Sustained, long-term support for these databases is paramount, as their discontinuation would have a highly detrimental impact on the global research endeavour.

The GCBR selection process was open to biodata resources globally that were able to meet several stringent eligibility criteria and more than 90 resources submitted expressions of interest across the two rounds of GCBR selection. The assessment process for GCBRs was undertaken by a panel of more than 50 independent expert reviewers against a series of criteria that included scientific focus, the size and reach of the user communities, quality of service, governance, and impact on global research.

The 15 biodata resources that today join the GBC’s GCBR list are:

BAR: Bio-Analytic Resource for Plant Biology
Catalogue of Life
GSA: Genome Sequence Archive
Human Disease Ontology Knowledgebase
Human Protein Atlas
IMEX: International Molecular Exchange Consortium
LPSN: List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature
Planteome Knowledgebase and Ontologies for Plant Biology

The complete list of GCBRs can be viewed here


The GBC’s member funders are now actively working with the community of GCBRs to explore options, including several funding models, that ensure biodata resources are able to continue to develop and sustain the critical services they provide to the global research community. To this end, the GBC has established the GCBR Forum, which met three times over the course of 2023, and which will now include representatives of the GCBRs newly identified in this 2023 round of selection.

The GBC looks forward to continued fruitful engagement with the GCBRs through the activities of the GCBR Forum, working together to meet the challenge of biodata sustainability.

Warwick Anderson, Chair of the GBC Board of Funders said, “Preserving critical life science data resources for use by future generations is vitally important and it is reassuring to know that this combined effort towards sustainability by the Global Biodata Coalition in tandem with life science funders and representatives of the resources themselves is well underway.”

Guy Cochrane, Executive Director of the GBC said “ Determining the group of 52 Global Core Biodata Resources has taken three years and has been achieved with the support of a body of independent scientific reviewers around the world.  The participation of representatives of the Global Core Biodata resources themselves will be central to developing new approaches to the funding of biodata.