Global Core Biodata Resource selection process now open!

Mar 21, 2022

The Global Biodata Coalition is now welcoming Expressions of Interest for the first Global Core Biodata Resource selection process.

The two-stage selection process will aim to identify a set of core biodata resources, which are of fundamental importance to researchers worldwide across the biological, life science and biomedical science domains.

The call for Expressions of Interest is open from 21 March to 22 April 2022 (at 23:59 UTC). It is open to biodata resources (or consortia of resources) from anywhere in the world that would like to be considered for selection as a Global Core Biodata Resource.

Biodata resources that meet the criteria for selection will be invited to submit a full application, with the first set of Global Core Biodata Resources due to be finalised in late 2022. Decisions will be based on the advice of a global panel of independent expert reviewers.

The identification of an initial set of core resources will be crucially important in enabling funders to develop ways to better coordinate support for key biodata resources and ensure the long-term sustainability of the entire global biodata infrastructure.

Further information on the selection process is available on the GBC website and in the paper “Global Core Biodata Resources: Concept and Selection Process”, which we published in January 2022.